What is the difference between dramatherapy and traditional counselling?

Unlike traditional counselling, Dramatherapy uses a more interactive approach with clients. The aims of dramatherapy is to help the clients through expression and movement over general speech. This gives the clients a non-verbal medium to communicate, helping them better understand their emotions through a metaphor or an action.

I am not an actor can I still enroll?

Yes. Dramatherapy does not require you to have any acting skills. Using the medium of acting or drama is simply the way the therapist/facilitator helps the clients explore themselves.

Do I have to perform in front of an audience?

Just like any other forms of therapy, dramatherapy sessions are conducted in a strictly safe and confidential environment. It does not entail a staged commercial performance for entertainment purposes. The sole purpose of dramatherapy is to provide a therapeutic experience for its clients through the medium of drama.

What can I expect from a dramatherapy session?

Dramatherapy sessions are mainly client-led. The therapist merely acts as a facilitator to help the clients explore themselves in whichever way they feel comfortable. This could include engaging in role-play, working with stories, playing games or simply communicating through movement and expression.

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